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Jenn says:

You two are quite a pair!

Melissa says:

There are so many things I want to post I can’t decide! How about…I thought the Timmerman men married smart women to stop things like this from happening, but Jenn seems to be an enabler!

At least you all have fun:)

Kyle Timmerman says:

Annnnnnd . . . Scene! NAILED it!

Kelsey says:

I like how you end B-2, very professional in that sort of backyard-wrestling-jumping-off-the-roof kind of way, “Did you get it.”

Also, Jenn has the perfect voice to do Sesame Street narration. She might want to consider a career change.

Jenn says:

Done. We’re moving to NYC so I can get a job on Sesame Street.

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