The #ten4tues Project: Bold in Broken Places

Why do we go the places we go? What do we expect to find when we get there?

Kristi Scott is wrestling with each of these questions. She is traveling to Peru to work at an orphanage for an entire year. This Tuesday as part of The #ten4tues Project, I’ll be giving $10 to Kristi.

For Kristi it’s a journey of faith and a desire to get our of her comfort zone. Some of the best experiences of my life — the ones where I thought “this is living” — have taken place out of my own comfort zone. That’s why I’m so excited to help support Kristi on her journey.

Kristi was kind enough to do a guest post on her motivations, hesitations, and expectations.

Checkout Kristi’s Blog Bold…

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Guest Post: Be Hope To Her 2010


I leave for Kenya in about one month and will be there for about a month. One of the groups I will be visiting and reporting on is NURU. This morning Billy Williams (no word on if his middle name is Dee, he likes to drink Colt 45, or if he starred in Star Wars) contacted me and asked if I could post his note below. Ironically, it’s about an event that I was hoping to participate in at Ball State, but just happens to be the same day I’m leaving for Africa.

Anyhow, I was happy to oblige and I’m pumped to look in on Nuru’s exciting work fighting poverty in Africa.

Take it away Lando!

Last year, Nuru International…

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To the Power of 10

$10 is barely enough to buy three milk shakes.

(Yes, I quantify fiscal responsibility in milk shakes. Just as when I was a kid I calculated car rides in Scooby-Doo episodes.)

But $10 can have a big impact. By donating $10 every Tuesday to an organization or individual of my choosing, I’ve been introduced to some amazing people doing some amazing things. Last week, an author friend of mine (Rebecka Vigus) decided to donate $10, a host of books, and do an event at the library of a librarian friend of mine. Next week, I’m posting a guest post from a recent college grad heading to South America for a year to work in an orphanage.

If I was interested in sloganizing my #ten4tues project, I’d say it was,…

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In which Kelsey uncovers a sweatshop in Indiana


Like garment workers everywhere, they are girls in their 20s. They look tired. They walked to work. They live on Ramen noodles.

They look to the future and hope that they’ll find better jobs because this job is the worst paying job a girl can have. They get paid nothing. In fact, they pay to have this job.

IMG_0501Such is life for college students at Ball State’s Fashion and Design manufacturing class. I had the pleasure of speaking with the girls today about the other garment workers I met around the world.

The students are working on a really interesting project. Each year professor Paula Sampson has her…

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The #ten4tues Project: Donated to NPR

This Tuesday I supported my local NPR station. You should to.

Here’s why.

I’d also like to point folks to a cause carried over from my “Free Money” post two weeks ago.  Ginger needs $10 to buy her recently adopted dog a seat belt. If you’re interested, I’ll hook you up with Ginger….

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The missing 10,000 words

Here’s the deal. I don’t like hitting people up for money all the time. Many of you were kind enough to donate to my fundraising/NYC marathon efforts.

And now here I am again, a hostage, asking for more money on the banner of my blog and on this micro-site. It’s not money for me, but to help fund a documentary for Life in Abundance, which does amazing work throughout Africa. The documentary that they made last year (see the trailer below) was screened around the United States and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you donate, LIA will list your name in the credits. You’ll be able to list “film producer” right next to “Spanish Club president” on your resume. How…

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Toto's Africa deconstructed

In case you are bored this Saturday (If you are, you must not be a basketball fan), I present to you my favorite video of the past few weeks – Steve Almond breaking down Toto’s Africa.

Damned if Africa isn’t the most catchy ridiculous song ever.  Since I found this video I keep hearing the song on the radio. I don’t think any of us realize how present this song is on our lives. When is the last time you heard it? I heard it yesterday. Make it stop! Make it stop!

[youtube][/youtube] …

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See Kids Dream

One of the main things – and perhaps the most important – I hope to instill in my daughter is caring for her fellow man regardless of geographic location, ideology, orientation, creed, or color. There are a lot of organizations that accept donations and do amazing things with them. But there are few that truly empower kids as givers and show them how important it is to be part of a community of caring.

That’s why I’m giving $10 to See Kids Dream based in Columbus, Ohio, as part of my #ten4tues project. Join me if you want!

See Kids Dream Mission Statement

See Kids Dream is a charitable organization with a core purpose of…

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