I’m in TIME Magazine

Obama on the cover of TIME

(Just to be clear, I photoshopped the cover a bit.)

A year ago, I had just signed with my agent Caren. Next week WAIW? will be featured in TIME Magazine.

But you can read TIME’s review of WAIW? now. It’s not a very long review, but it’s a nice one. As I’ve done with other reviews, here are some highlights:

“…a quixotic journey…often loopy…all over the developing world…Timmerman’s youthful exuberance carries this unlikely consumer tale.”

The issue doesn’t come out until next week. However, I can assure you that I didn’t make the cover. But this guy did. And that’s perhaps more exciting.

It’s not just any old issue of TIME. It’s a commemorative one! That means years from now, it will be stuffed in attics across the world. Grandparents will dust it off to show their grandchildren. “See this,” they’ll say. “I was alive when the world changed.”

The 90-word write-up of WAIW? couldn’t have appeared in a cooler issue.

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Melissa says:

That’s awesome!


Kyle Timmerman says:

That’s awesome, Kels! I loved the photo-shopping!

moonrat says:

woohoo!! TIME!! them’s big fish!!

Jenn says:

Whoa, you’re in Time! That’s amazing! And the commemorative issue, no less. I couldn’t be happier for you.

Heather Clawson says:

How exciting Kelsey!!! You must be over the moon! Now I can tell people that I\’m friends with a guy who shared Time magazine w/ Obama!
Can I touch you?!?!?! LOL

KGreene says:

Wow! Dixie Marshall must be very proud.

Kelsey says:

Thanks All!

It was only 90-words, but none of them were “This book sucks!” so I’ll take it.

Heather, please don’t tell anybody that you know me, let alone that we’re friends.

KGreene, Mrs. M helped me out quite a book with the book. Of course, any of the grammar mistakes she had to fix were the result of her own teach inadequacies. Kidding.

Kent says:

Great timing Kelsey! Congratulations.

Matt Barhorst says:

Thats pretty awesome. The reality of the situation is that if I want to be in Time Magazine I’ll have to kill someone of great importance. I’m gunning for you Mr Time Magazine.

Jamie says:

Yeah Yeah Yeah

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