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Melissa says:

Looks like, via method #3, you have entered yourself in the contest. If an author wins his own autographed book is it autographed or monogrammed?

Kelsey says:

Don’t you monogram all of your own books? I do. My copy of War & Peace is signed Kelsey Timmerman not Leo Tolstoy.

That way I know it’s my copy, you see.

Ann says:

Somehow I don’t think your publisher will go for sending you a free copy of your own book. You’re not exactly the target audience for raising awareness about the book since, as you pointed out, you’re aware of every word. 🙂

Thanks for popping over to my blog. And thanks to your publisher for offering to send the book worldwide, that’s pretty rare for publishers so many readers are happy to see it.

Kelsey says:

I suppose you’re right. I’m quite aware of my own book.

Great Blog!

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