Speaking Header“Kelsey immediately engages us to be more informed and educated global citizens.”

– Eli Capilouto, President, University of Kentucky

Awareness –> Responsibility –> Action

This is the journey, with a mix of humor and humanity, that I take audiences on.

I’m the New York Times bestselling author of Where Am I Wearing?, Where Am I Eating?, and Where Am I Giving?. My fourth book, a global look at regenerative agriculture will be published by Patagonia in 2023. 

I’ve presented to hundreds of audiences from blood-thirsty kindergarteners, a captive audience of 7,000 first-year students forced into an arena, MBA classes, high school assemblies, corporations, communities of faith, and conferences.

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I take our every day acts–drinking coffee, eating chocolate, making a donation to a cause–and connect audiences to the farmers, factory workers, and people impacted by them. By hearing their stories and meeting their families, we see the common humanity shared by us all. I then offer tangible actions–localized to the audience’s community, school, or place of work–to create positive impacts.

With great opportunity comes great responsibility. Accept it and you, your students, coworkers, employees, and fellow citizens just might change the world.

So if you are interested following in the footsteps of schools like University of Kentucky and Texas State, and companies like Patagonia and Principal Financial, and conferences like IMPACT and the Annual Conference on the First Year Experience, invite me to speak.