Is my ARC showing?

An Advanced Reader’s Copy (ARC) is a pre-publication paperback edition of a book meant to be used for early promotion and soliciting endorsements.

My ARC is a little more “advanced” than most, I think. I found Michael Chabon’s ARC for Summerland in a used book store (btw – it’s illegal to sell them) and it was darn near spit-shined. My ARC is far from it. I still have notes to myself in it and have made hours and hours of changes since it was published.

Seeing my ARC is kinda like seeing me with my pants down; it’s a little embarrassing. My manuscript was converted into an ARC earlier than normal because Wiley wanted to take WAIW? to BookExpo America in LA the first week of June and I still had a rough draft in May. They gave away 200 copies (is my face turning red). One “advanced reader” had this to say:

“I was given an advanced copy of your book and I Love it. I am also obsessed with reading the labels on my clothing. Now I’m wondering about the little piece of paper in the pocket of my jeans that says, Inspected by # 34.”

Ah, shucks.

Anyhow, I’ve got several ARC’s left and will probably have another pre-publication contest in the near future to win one.

If you win it keep this in mind: Just as some people are growers, not showers, others are re-writers not first-drafters.

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