Happy Father's Day….TO ME!!!!

I’m going to be a dad! Annie is due New Year’s Eve, which begs the question is it better to be born in the old year for tax purposes or in the New Year and maybe make the local news as the first baby of 2009?

Baby Kelsey

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Jenn says:

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kyle and I are pulling for a 2008 delivery, if only because we have the perfect gift in mind for a Timmerman baby born in 2008…

Kent says:

Congratulations! You’re having a pretty good year.

Kelsey says:

Thanks Kent. 2008 is shaping up to be a far bigger year than I would have imagined on 1/1/08. Of course, baby Timmerman might be born in 2009, which for tax purposes we are routing against. (Man, when did we become such grown-ups?)

Emily says:

The best parents don’t always act like grandparents. We’ve been given a sneak-peek at your parenting skills by letting you have Jared (in small doses) and baby Timmerman is one lucky child. You will both make wonderful parents. If Baby T. has any of Annie’s stubborness I think you’ll be looking at a 2009 delivery!

Kelsey says:

Jared makes me tired like a grandparent. I hope my parenting manual comes with an 18-year supply of energy drinks!

Kyle Timmerman says:

What kind do you want, Kels? I’ll make you some.

Rachael says:

Our due-NYE-baby came five days before Christmas!

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Your series is growing!!!

Kelsey says:

Thanks Rachel.

Eva says:


I dunno much about taxes (just filed for 06 recently), but I know kids with January birthdays are more likely to make it as pro athletes…

Kelsey says:

Really! That’s awesome. I guess that means we can put a stop to that college fund we were thinking about starting. They can play their way into college and then we can ride their coattails into a luxurious retirement.

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