When Google's AdSense goes bad

I was just checking the blog and noticed this random GoogleAd:

Boys Wearing Thongs
Bargain Prices. Smart Deals. Save on Boys Wearing Thongs!

Can’t a fella get arrested for having something like that on his blog? I followed the link and luckily it didn’t take me to “boys” wearing thongs, but instead women wearing thongs.

If you’re not familiar with Google AdSense I should probably inform you of how it works so you don’t go thinking I’m a big perve and had something to do with the “boys thong ad”. Here’s how wikipedia says it works: “Google uses its search technology to serve ads based on website content, the user’s geographical location, and other factors.”

Melissa says:

Hmmm…let’s hope it’s the “other factors” that led to that ad.

Right now I have a bunch of travel-related ones on your page. I have seen some other goofy ones–I’m guessing it is your repeated use of the word “underwear”

shelley says:

Hey Kelsey, I’m less intrigued by the fact that this ad even showed up on your site than why they are advertising for “women in thongs” by using “boys”…maybe that whole objectifying women thing is overdone in advertising, so they’re moving on to another subject. That’s my best guess.

Kelsey says:

Shelley, That might be. Or Google AdSense has NoSense at all.

Jenn says:

Ha ha…I’m guessing geographical location had nothing to do with it (Muncie, IN, homeland of thongs??? I think not). I’m with Melissa–I think “underwear” has been extrapolated into “thongs”. Yea for misinterpretation, AdSense.

Melissa says:

Update: I currently have an add for “girls wearing thongs” on your page. Honestly, I had never really paid much attention to the ads until this post. They’re so ubiquitous I don’t have too much trouble blocking them out.

Kelsey says:

I would prefer not to even have them Ads on the site. Bootsnall hosts my blog and I suppose that’s how they make their money, which I’m fine with. Although, if it’s a lot of money – which is unlikely – I’m not sure how I feel about that. Perhaps a little exploited.

Eva says:

Hey Kelsey, I think there’s a way to block objectionable ads from your AdSense account. I’m afraid I forget the details, but I remember Ross from Matador telling me about it – we had a problem with sketchy “escort agencies” etc. because of all of our Thai, Cambodian, etc. content. You could ask him: ross@matadortravel.com.

Kelsey says:

Thanks Eva. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have any control over this since Bootsnall hosts the blog. Maybe I’ll drop them a line.

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