Want to make the world a more generous place? Help launch my next book

Kelsey at APSU


My new book Where Am I Giving? comes out on July 25th, or 15th, or who knows? I’m not JK Rowling. However, I do I believe there is magic in this book that can make each of our lives and the world better.

I need your help! The world’s a noisy place and marketing budgets are limited.

So far I’ve received some great endorsements from world renowned philosophers, bestselling authors, and Gandhi’s grandson, but none of them meant as much as what my high school English teacher, Dixie Marshall, wrote to me after reading an early version of the book:

“I believe this is the most important book you have written and may ever write. It’s really an impressive book, a valuable book, and one that everyone should read.”

It would be a great gift if we could work together to make sure GIVING makes the impact I know it can.

That’s why I’m starting a private group of readers who’d like to launch GIVING into the world.

None of my books instantly jump to the top of the bestseller list, but thanks to supportive readers, I’ve hit the NYT’s list twice. Join me and let’s do something fun!


What’s in it for you…

  • Be among the first to set eyes on the book’s first chapters
  • Access to to the private group where I’ll share behind the scenes stories about the book
  •  a private group AMA (ask me anything) session where you can hit me up with all of your questions on traveling, do-gooding, writing, or banana suits
  • A custom-made thank you card from yours truly along with a card of gratitude for you to send to someone
  • a virtual 30-minute visit with your book club (if you have one) reading GIVING

If your application is accepted, you commit to:

  • Pre-order at least one copy of the book
  • Post at least two photos of the book #WhereAmIGiving
  • Read the book and leave an honest online review
  • See the beauty and purpose of your own gifts and pass them on
  • Let me know if you have any other ideas to spread the word about the book

Fill out the quick and easy application below to join the team. If you are having trouble seeing the application you can also access it here.

I’m going to keep this group small, so please fill out the form now while you are here.



Janice L. Largent says:

I am eager to read Where Am I Giving. I have read your first two books. I grew up being nurtured in the Church of the Brethren – and I am an ordained minister in this denomination (although a bit old at 81). I recently prepared a presentation on Brethren and Pacifism. Our young men during the 1920’s-1950’s (who were pacifists and often looked down upon) wanted to show the world that they would “serve” but not in a uniform with a gun. If you have heard of Heifer Project Int’l – that is one of their responses – there are several other things they created in service during that time period.

Kelsey says:

Janice, I’m eager for you to read it. I love the term “waging peace.” Sounds like that’s what your young men did. Of course I’ve heard of Heifer, but I didn’t know it came out of this movement. Thanks for sharing!

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