Where Am I Giving?

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Your Gifts Connect You to a World of Giving

Americans are generous with their pocketbooks, but trying to make a difference and actually making a difference are two different things. Where Am I Giving? by New York Times bestselling author Kelsey Timmerman takes you on a journey to meet people who will inspire you to live a purpose-filled, generous life and make the greatest impact you can through your career, time, consumer dollars, and donations.Screenshot 2018-04-04 11.31.31

This book will help you:

  • Reveal the amazing opportunities you have to make an impact using your own gifts—and it doesn’t have to be money
  • Understand the sociology, philosophy, anthropology, and neuroscience of giving
  • See how giving can make you more connected and happier
  • Examine types of giving, including microlending, volunteering, donating, ethical consumption, mission trips, voluntourism, child sponsorship, etc.
  • Dive into a nuanced view of effectiveness of international aid and its intersection with development, politics, and culture

Where Am I Giving? is a fast-paced narrative combining compelling stories collected over 15 years of travel to 90+ countries, mixed with practical advice on how to make giving a part of our everyday lives.