Grandma Betty is washing bananas in heaven

Betty holding our son Griffin.

Annie’s grandma, Betty Ludwick, recently passed away. She was 93.

She listened and she loved. She humbly led a life that led others to listen and love. If you spent five minutes with her, you felt like one of her grandchildren. That’s why I was so honored to read the tribute below written by Betty’s three granddaughters at her funeral.

Stephanie, Emily, and Annie did an amazing job writing this. It is touching and funny, and most of all it’s Betty. Even if you weren’t lucky enough to meet her, I think you’ll enjoy it.

In Memory of our Grandma, Betty Ludwick

March 10, 1921-November 13, 2014
By: Stephanie Pfefferkorn, Emily Taylor, and Annie Timmerman

If you knew our grandma, you know she was beautiful. Inside and out. She truly had a heart of gold.

If you knew our grandma, you know she hated to throw anything away. She took reduce-reuse-recycle to a whole new level. Even though she had drawers of flatware, she still scrubbed plastic spoons, forks, and knives as if they were family heirlooms. At Christmas time, we had to open presents verrrrrrry carefully so she could reuse the paper the following year. You may have thought she was being ecologically trendy, but she was really just being cheap.

If you knew our grandma, you know she spent most of her day in her kitchen. She loved to cook for people. Even if you showed up unexpected, it was impossible to leave without a full belly and a doggie bag. Potpie, apple butter, dilly beans, last of the garden, and mince meat pies were just a few of her specialties. Her deep freeze contained enough food to feed a small army.

If you knew our grandma, you know she had a busier social life and better memory than her children or grandchildren. She loved to go out with friends, and she was always up for dinner at the Mexican restaurant. She could spend hours recalling stories of her childhood. Whenever we needed to know who married whom, or whose uncle’s brother’s daughter’s stepson just graduated, Grandma knew.

If you knew our grandma, you know she loved God and her church family. She read her Bible daily and rarely missed Sunday service or Wednesday evening Bible study.

If you knew our grandma, you know she was extremely sanitary. She scrubbed her bananas before she peeled them. Her purse was always equipped with wet wipes and her underwear freshly bleached.

If you knew our grandma, you knew not to call between 7 and 8 p.m. on a Saturday night. She was watching Lawrence Welk.

If you knew our grandma, you know she loved her family. She saved every newspaper article that mentioned the names of any of her grandchildren. During high school sports, we could always hear her notorious grunt (insert grunt sound) each and every time we bumped, set, or spiked the ball. She went to every ball game, every birthday party, graduation, baby shower, baptism, family reunion, and wedding. And it was never a burden, but always a privilege.

If you knew our grandma, you know she never went a day in her life without her hair done, lipstick on, and earrings in. Even in the nursing home, men were still hitting on her. One man told her she was the most beautiful woman in the world. She smiled ear to ear.

If you knew our grandma, you know you were blessed.

BethAnne says:

What a lovely, lovely tribute. The world needs more grandmas like that.

Debbie says:

what a wonderful tribute. I met her a few times. But after reading this I feel I knew her well.

Carla says:

Appreciated this the day you read it and loved reading it here. SPECIAL is the ideal for her. Her granddaughters are equally extraordinary. Thank you, KT

Roger Brooks says:

This is a great tribute to a wonderful lady. She was a true angel. I am glad I got to know her and her family.

Tim says:

Well Said!! Wonderful lady

Kristie says:

That was amazing! It came from the heart thats all that really matters! 🙂 <3

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