A reminder that whatever in the world you do, be awesome!

I spent the previous night in the guest room of a gold miner who employed 15-year-old workers. The bus that was supposed to take me all the way to Ghana, had ended at a flooded road in Burkina Faso. We then took a dugout canoe across the road to a brakeless taxi to a city without a hotel.

The next morning I had to take the taxi back to the flooded road, which I crossed again in a dugout canoe to a bus that would take me to Ghana. That bus dropped me off in Pa, Burkina Faso, where I waited for a bus to Hamile, Ghana, that may or not show up.

I waited hours.

The entire time I waited a man washed cars and motorbikes and bicycles at the side of the road. And he was awesome. At times, onlookers would applaud and laugh, but even when they weren’t, he was still awesome. He’d throw his water cup high into the air, spin, catch it, whip his sponge around his back as he twirled.

He reminded me that any job worth doing, is worth doing well. That even a job washing cars in the middle of nowhere in Burkina Faso for a few cents in the scorching hot sun can be done with a pep in your step and a smile, and be enjoyed that much more.

Wherever in the world you are, and whatever in the world you do, I hope that you try to enjoy your work as much as this guy.

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