Texas State Students produce “Where Am I Wearing?” documentaries

In 2012 Texas State freshmen read WEARING as part of their Common Experience — A Global Odyssey: Exploring Our Connections to the Changing World.

Dr. Salwa Khan with the School of Journalism & Mass Communication, had her students produce WEARING-themed segments. The segments explore if students think about where their clothes are made, how Texas State sources their athletic uniforms, feature University of Texas students who fought to get their university to sign on with the Worker Rights Consortium, and feature an interview with local clothing designer.

What I really enjoyed about each segment is that they took this global issue and talked about how it impacted their lives as locals.

Here are the the titles and credits for each segment:

Team 1
Topic: What is the difference between organic and non-organic clothing? What are the pros and cons in terms of the environment, health, and cost.

Title of segment: The Fabric of Our Lives

Producers: Katie Dudley, Sherry Klein, Emily Lyons

Team 2
Topic: An alternative to buying new is buying recycled clothing. This story focuses on an Austin woman who makes and sells clothing from recycled materials.

Title of segment: Material Girl

Producers: Jordan Mueller, Brandon Simmons, Ryan Stewart, Matt Wood

Team 3
Topic: Where are Texas State students wearing? Do they know that their clothes may come from sweatshops where workers are paid next to nothing?

Title of segment: Made in …

Poducers: Brittany Black, Kiana Fitzgerald, Stephanie Guzman

Team 4
Topic: Where do Texas State University athletic uniforms come from?

Title of segment: Where Are Bobcat Athletes Wearing?

Producers: Valene Bummara, Kristina Kenney, Ashley Vasquez, Kristie Vela

Team 5
Topic: A student group at the University of Texas at Austin successfully campaigned to change school policy on where university branded clothing is made. Can students at other schools do the same?

Title of segment: Students Against Sweatshops

Producers: Jacob Ehrnstein, Eva Fuentes, Femi Omoni, Joshua Twilligear

Ashley Eden Hill says:

My name is Eden Hill, and I am a junior at TX State University. I am currently working to start an USAS (United Students Against Sweatshops) chapter at TX State. USAS is a student organization that aims to fight global social injustices through direct action. The USAS mission statement and philosophy are detailed in the following link:


An issue of particular concern is the outsourcing of Texas State Apparel from death trap factories. This is a campaign that deserves to be run at our University! If anyone is interested and would like to know more, or help start an USAS chapter at our University, please message me.


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