Steve Jobs: iDad

Steve Jobs was the creator of the iPod, iPhone, iTunes, Pixar, computers that actually run, and a technology empire, but if you asked him what his greatest role in life was, he would answer: iDad.  Here’s Jobs on fatherhood:

“It’s 10,000 times better than anything I’ve ever done.”

(from the New York Times)

We went to the park tonight and had another picnic just like we did the night before. That’s how we roll.  There’s no better job than being a dad and there’s no greater creation than a child.

Griffin and I hope your weekend is off to as good of a start as ours.  Nothing beats a picnic at a park and some quality public hand chewing.

Griffin and Dad

Uncle Kyle says:

What’s up, little Griffin? Loving the spiked hair look!

Griffin says:

Not much Uncle Kyle other than I joined a rock band.

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