The Little Princes are holding my blog hostage

little princesI’m not sure I’ve ever been more excited about a book than Conor Grennan’s Little Princes, which comes out next week. I want to support it in every possible way I can and I hope you’ll help me.

Conor went to Nepal to volunteer at an orphanage. When he learned that many of the kids were trafficked, he decided to do something about it. He setup Next Generation Nepal that sought to reconnect trafficked children with their parents.

I’ve been following Conor’s blog, Conor’s Mildly Thrilling Tales, for years. We were both part of the BootsnAll blogging network when I stumbled upon him. Conor’s writing is hilarious and powerful, self-deprecating and witty. My only complaint is that he doesn’t update his blog enough. I’m not sure he’ll remember this, but a while back I sent him a note saying, “Dude you should write a book.” Well, he did.

And now I want everyone I know to do everything they can to support Conor, Little Princes, and Next Generation Nepal.

Here’s Conor on writing Little Princes

But in writing it, I realized it was more than just their story. It was the story of how somebody like me, somebody with no relevant skills whatsoever, no deep passion for volunteering, no profound desire to make an impact on anyone’s life but his own, found himself sacrificing his comfortable way of life to try to improve the lives of these young children on the other side of the world.

That became perhaps the most important element in the story for me. I am desperate for readers, especially younger readers, to see what getting involved can do. How it can change your life so completely, and in ways you could never imagine. How volunteering, whether it is in an impoverished third world nation or in your hometown, requires only that you show up. Don’t worry how little of your time or resources you may have to offer—just offer it, and see what happens.

The fact is, volunteering is no longer a fringe activity—the world gets smaller every day and we have a responsibility to understand what it looks like. It’s not how the other half lives, it’s how the other 90% live. And I believe that each of us has a responsibility to know what those lives look like, even if we only give one single day of our life to discovering it. Because it could have been us.

In support of Conor, his amazing book, and his awesome work, I’m letting Little Princes hold my blog hostage until 100 people commit to one of the following:

1) Buy little Princes from Better World Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, your local independent bookstore, or wherever. A portion of all sales go to support Next Generation Nepal;

2) Donate to Next Generation Nepal;

3) Like Next Generation Nepal and Little Princes both on facebook and then tell all of your friends about it;

4) Blog about Next Generation Nepal.

In order for your action to count, you have to report it in the comments of this post on my blog or on facebook. Until 100 people commit to at least one of the above, I’ll be blogging each day about nothing other than Little Princes, Conor, Nepal, and child trafficking.

This is an important book and cause. And I 100% guarantee that you’ll love Conor’s writing. Here’s a sneak peek and here’s Conor talking about Little Princes.

Susan says:

Thanks for pointing to this book. Looks great. I just ordered a copy.

Kelsey – you’re awesome! On behalf of the kids, a huge, huge thank you!

I put the link on your Facebook but here it is again, just in case.
Of course, I’ll get the book too; sounds like it’s right up my alley!

John says:

Bought, FB’d, Tweet’d…

Annie says:

Liked on facebook. Can’t wait to read my hubby’s copy.

hallie tamez says:

your passion is infectious Kelsey and we are glad it is directed at NGN — thank you!

Claire says:

Hey! I was on BnA, follows his blog and said in a comment that he should write a book.

Are you me?

In any case, I did all of the above so that’s one more on your list. 🙂

Valerie says:

I ‘Like’ Next Generation Nepal and Conor’s page on FB. And … I just purchased a Nook, and I’ve been waiting to find the perfect first book to purchase; thank you for turning me on to this title; and I look forward to reading it.

Rob says:

Bought the book – looking forward to reading. Thanks Kelsey!

I love Conor’s story, and (like you) have been following his adventures since he first started his RTW trip. The stories in the NGN newsletters used to make me weep – both for sadness and joy – and I can’t wait to read the book. It’s been pre-ordered to my Kindle. 🙂

Natalie says:

This book speaks to my heart.. as someone that has spent time volunteering and serving in South Africa and is now on her way to Tanzania.. It is the biggest and most rewarding joy in my life to serve others half way around the world. I love hearing stories like this and how people are stepping beyond their comforts to bring hope and joy to those who need in the most. As Conor stated it starts with one person and making the decision to give back.. Thank you for sharing..

Lisa says:

Its an amazing story. Bought the book, FB’d, Telling everyone about it.

Lau says:

A truly inspiring story that will make a great impact on SO many people! The world (especially the developing world) is full of stories so sad as to seem undefeatable – sometimes we forget that feeling powerless is a self-fulfilling state of mind. Conor reminds us that our contributions, big and small, DO make a difference.

Already Like both on FB – LP will be the first book I download to my Kindle – Donated to NGN via Causes (a few days ago – I hope it still counts to “free the hostage” 😉 which posted on my FB page.

Joe Simpson says:

Great book, Kelsey, I just bought it last weekend in my local indie bookstore here in Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC and already I’m almost finished reading it. I was in the Nepal Himalaya last March on a $27K Rotary Club-funded rural school project so I can really relate….my FB album’s at – Cheers!

Karen Duffy says:

Read it, reviewed it (in this upcoming Sunday’s Daytona Beach News-Journal), liked it on Facebook and shared it with others, liked NGN on Facebook as well. Not sure how much more I can do to help free your blog!! And, by the way, it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a VERY long time.

Good blog you have got here.. It’s hard to find high-quality writing like yours these days.
I honestly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

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