To the Power of 10

$10 is barely enough to buy three milk shakes.

(Yes, I quantify fiscal responsibility in milk shakes. Just as when I was a kid I calculated car rides in Scooby-Doo episodes.)

But $10 can have a big impact. By donating $10 every Tuesday to an organization or individual of my choosing, I’ve been introduced to some amazing people doing some amazing things. Last week, an author friend of mine (Rebecka Vigus) decided to donate $10, a host of books, and do an event at the library of a librarian friend of mine. Next week, I’m posting a guest post from a recent college grad heading to South America for a year to work in an orphanage.

If I was interested in sloganizing my #ten4tues project, I’d say it was, “Better than a round of milk shakes!”

Last week a friend of mine – who just happened to be the second member of my Underwear’s Facebook fan page (I had nothing to do with it) – pointed me to an unemployed man who is giving $10 away to a stranger every day.

Reed, the dude giving away $10 each day, writes the Year of Giving blog about his efforts to give the money away (sometimes it’s tough, like his recent trip in West Virginia where the first three people wouldn’t accept it) and then he introduces the person who he have the $10 to.

His blog is funny and touching and frustrating and a testament to the power of 10.

Becky Vigus says:

It’s a bit like “Pay It Forward” 2010 style. Thanks for being an inspiration.

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