The Official Relaunch

This video discusses why the heck I’m relaunching the site 6 months after the release of my book.  It also covers some of the new features, and most importantly discusses how you can win an iPod.

Plus, there’s a very special guest star — little Harper Willow Timmerman.  When I watched this video, I barely paid attention to what I was saying.  Instead I just stared at Harper.


Jenn says:

Two things.
1) I love Harper.
2) As for you wearing the same shirt in both the video and in your blog pictures, you’re not alone. It seems like every time Kyle has to show his drivers license to someone, he’s always wearing the shirt he wore the day of the picture. Must be a Timmerman thing.

Janelle says:

This was so cute! You and Harper did a great job! I’m still trying to figure out your new blog so bare with me here! It is totally different than the last one!

Alexis Grant says:

Harper shares my BDAY! The site looks awesome. Happy to stumble upon it — from Matador.

I’m a journalist turned book-writer, too. Plan on picking up your book.


Toby says:

Congrats, Kelsey!

Larry says:

Congratulations on the site re-launch Kelsey. It looks awesome. You and the great folks from Rule29 did an incredible job. Go Dan and Justin. The photography is also great. For those reading the post, check out artist, Brian MacDonld’s site at Thanks for the shout-out and keep up the fun.

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