iPod giveaway update

iPod giveaway update

Don’t forget the second step of the contest where you have to email some friends about the contest and cc me.  You’re not eligible to win the iPod unless you do both steps.  I’m getting a big kick out of the submissions so far.  Here’s one from Matt Barhorst  that about made me pee my pants laughing:

By the way, where did you get that shirt? That is the ugliest shirt I’ve ever seen. You look like you’re wearing a shirt that was destined for either the Beach Boys or Peter Brady.

So, maybe you’re dancing to Kokomo, or When It’s Time To Change (look up Peter’s rendition on Youtube)

And I guess, it’s time to change that shirt.

Here’s the video Matt is referring to:


Matt Barhorst says:

Awesome. The sad thing, is that I actually know all the words to that song.

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