Spirit of Soccer helping kids from Cambodia to Iraq

When I was in Cambodia tracking down where my jeans were made, I bumped into the group Spirit of Soccer, and eventually met Scotty Lee it’s founder. I was fortunate enough to accompany them into some of the countries most heavily mined regions and watch as the SOS staff simultaneously passed on their love of the game to kids while educating them about land mines and other unexploded ordinance. I’ve always thought sport was one of the best ways to communicate with kids.

The language of PLAY is universal.

Scotty Lee is a pretty interesting character, too. During the writing of WAIW I tried to work in mention of SOS and Scotty Lee but it just didn’t seem to fit. So, whenever I get the chance to spread the word about SOS, I jump at it.

A few months ago they joined Facebook and now they have their very own YouTube Channel. Check out their first video highlighting the groups history and their recent expansion into Iraq…

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Kimberly says:

haven’t had the chance to meet u but wanted to thank u all the same for helping spread the word about Spirit of Soccer and my husbands ongoing work – trying to do all that he can to help kids have a safer life in this crazy world we live. Your dedicated support and blogs are much appreciated by the’grass roots’one person/one voice makes a difference approach gal I am. Check out our links and good luck with your book sales 🙂

Kelsey says:

Thank Kimberly. Your husband does great work. You should be proud. I’ll always be happy to spread the word about SOS. Keep me updated.

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