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I haven’t been documenting my Adventures of an Engaged Consumer well. Between the baby and book, it’s been crazy. I know that I shouldn’t use these things as an excuse. I tried them on my dentist as to why I haven’t flossed in awhile. It didn’t work, but when you’ve been cavity free for 30 years who needs floss? Wow, I’m way off topic here.

Anyhow, the good folks at APEsphere contacted me and wanted to know if I’d be interested in blogging for them. This is just the kick in the pants I need to revitalize my Adventures of an EC. I’ll be cross-posting many of the adventures. Here’s a passage from it…

I usually don’t get hung up on semantics, but I have a problem with the term “conscious consumer”. I’ve met plenty of folks who are aware of the social and environmental impacts that their shopping has on the world and its people. In fact, before I left to research my book pretty much everyone I met was conscious of the issues surrounding the garment industry.

The thing is, no one applied this knowledge to how they shopped. There is a disconnect between knowledge and habit. So few of us are engaged.

To read the rest of the post visit my new blog on APEsphere: Adventures of an Engaged Consumer

What is APEsphere, you ask. In their own words…

APEsphere is a news and networking organization devoted to bringing about change – change in the place of business in society. Capitalism is evolving; profits can no longer come before people or planet. Our capitalism culture also is evolving; people are searching for lives, no longer satisfied with consuming lifestyles.

What’s with the name, you think as you scratch your head and your armpit. This is what’s with it…

The original coining of the name “APEsphere” came from a phrase, “Agents of Progressive Enterprise”, and an idea – that you should be able to be the same person in the work sphere as you are in your home sphere.

Since APEsphere was conceived, of course, the name has come to signify more.

The idea of a “sphere” resonates strongly with the idea of the public sphere in which ideas are exchanged and our understanding advanced.

Now “APE” hints at the idea of evolution, and because an ape is a living being it is a symbol of evolution with which we can identify: APEsphere is about who you are, not simply about something you do.

How appropriate that this site’s symbol should encourage us to identify with something broader even than our own species, an incremental step towards identifying with the whole of our living planet.

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