Update: The Proud Father of a Vegetable Contest

The contest in which you try to guess what vegetable our unborn baby will be compared to continues. This week the email update said our baby is the size of a jicama (???). Anyone ever heard of a jicama?

Apparently it’s a Mexican potato sometimes referred to as a yam bean. More than giving me an idea of the size of our offspring these updates make me feel like I don’t know squash about produce.

I figured there was no way anyone guessed that. Then I started to scan the comment threads. Karly nailed it. I’ll be sending her a copy of WAIW? in the next week or two. I should get my official copies soon. You’ll know as soon as they arrive because I’ll post a photo of Oreo and me celebrating.

We’ll continue the contest for at least another week. What will week 33 be?

33 weeks – ????
32 weeks – jicama
31 weeks – four navel oranges
30 weeks – head of cabbage
29 weeks – butternut squash
28 weeks – Chinese cabbage
27 weeks – head of cauliflower
26 weeks – an English hothouse cucumber
25 weeks – an “average” rutabaga

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