Headlines that make me want to tear out my eyes and stick them in my ears

Joe the Plumber Lands Book Deal – When I started writing my book no one had ever heard of Joe the Plumber. Now, he signs a contract in November and is scheduled to release the book December 1. UGH!

Sarah Palin Signs $7 million Book Deal – Again, a few months ago no one had heard of her. I remember hearing people on the radio discussing how to pronounce her name after she was announced, “Palin…rhymes with nailin’.” Honestly, I heard someone say that.

Timmerman Cuts HBO Channels from Cable Bill to Make Way for Diaper Bill – Yeah, that’s not an actual headline and it doesn’t make me want to maim myself. Suffering the loss of True Blood and Entourage is a small price to pay for keeping my little girl-to-be in diapers.

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Kent says:

What’s Joe the plumber going to write about, and who cares?

What’s Sara Palin’s ghost writer going to write about, a profile on each African country?

Don’t worry about HBO… ninjavideo.net

Jenn says:

I read the article about Joe the Plumber, and threw up in my mouth. I agree with Kent…WHO CARES? I am so over him!

Eva says:

Kent beat me to the TV links. I’m a big fan of sidereel.com. Plus, Entourage (at least up here) is being carried on a lot of random channels.

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