Where Am I Wearing? The book trailer

Because we live in a whacky age where every book should have a movie-like trailer, I tinkered around with a book trailer this weekend. Have any thoughts? Good or bad, I welcome criticism.

I really don’t get kicks out of putting shots of myself in boxers on YouTube, but once again I have. It’s just that I find my Jingle These underwear hilarious and I want to show them to everybody, which isn’t the kind of thing you can do in public.

Melissa says:

I like your jeans magically appearing on you:)

In all honesty, I like the slideshow part better than your intro. Maybe it’s just because I’ve read the text for that on your blog so much that I already feel like it should be stated a certain way.

Mike Pugh says:

More energy, more brevity.

I think the upfront part with you is essential to telling your story, but I’d do it with quick cuts.

Don’t start with an intro. Just plunge into, “I’m an all American guy, with an all American wardrobe, right? Not really. These jeans are made in Cambodia, these flip flops in China, and this t-shirt was made some place I’d never even heard of – Laos. Where were these places, and who were the people who created these clothes? That question led me around the world.”

By quick cuts I mean closeups of the tags, closeups of your feet doing a jig in the flops, a quick shot of you in nothing but boxers, etc. Fast and fun. Set to music with beats.

Then rock through your slideshow, continue the voiceover, continue with lively music.

I like the book at the end, but I wouldn’t put text of the title and your name over it. The book does that already. Just show the cover.

Then maybe slap the URL on a black screen after the book.

Great idea to cut a trailer! Hopefully it helps your ideas spread.

Kelsey says:

Melissa, thanks for the input. How about those magic pants? I had an expert camerawoman – Annie – help me out. Believe it or not she wasn’t too reluctant. I think I’m starting to wear her down. A few years ago she probably would have objected filming me in my boxers.

If I had my druthers (and since I’m not sure what a druther, I doubt I have them) I would stick strictly with the audio slideshows, but my publisher wants me to show that I’m a walking, talking, and breathing human.

Kelsey says:

Mike, Thanks a lot for the tips. I like your ideas. I’ll see what I can do with them. Look for a new video sometime this weekend.

Matt Barhorst says:

Have Annie point the camera at your boxers, and just stay there. 1 minute, 50 seconds of crotch.

You can continue to talk and so forth, but never stray from the crotch.

Kelsey says:

I’m glad that you have such high regard for my crotch and think that it can carry a shot for nearly 2 minutes. I’m touched.

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