An Economy Great for An Economist

This is really getting my goat. (And nobody should be getting my goat. I prefer my goat remains right where I left him.)

Economists didn’t predict, or at least do something about, the craptastic fashion in which our economy is spiraling into the crapper. YET – and this is a big yet – they are all over our TV’s, magazines, newspapers, and radios talking about the economy, why we are where we are, and how best to get out of this.

While the current state of the economy – which most economists didn’t predict – stinks, business is moving along quite swimmingly for economists.

In conclusion: Bad economy for us = Good economy for economists

A conspiracy theory: Economists saw the global financial crises coming and, instead of speaking out about how to prevent the problem, they went to get their teeth whitened.

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Kent says:

Call Michael Moore… I think you’re on to something.

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