Update: The Proud Father of a Vegetable Contest

Janelle “guessed” correctly. At 31 weeks the email update said that our little girl is the size of “four navel oranges.”

The fact that she guessed exactly this and that she works with Annie, makes me think that Janelle had some type of inside information. We’ll call her the contest winner, but I’m going to brand an asterisk on the front cover of the book I send her.

Given the controversial nature of her win, we’ll continue the contest for another week or two. If you’ve guessed already, your guess will stand for weeks 32 and 33.

Go here to see what others have guessed already.

Here’s the produce she has been compared to in the last few weeks:

33 weeks – ????
32 weeks – ????
31 weeks – four navel oranges
30 weeks – head of cabbage
29 weeks – butternut squash
28 weeks – Chinese cabbage
27 weeks – head of cauliflower
26 weeks – an English hothouse cucumber
25 weeks – an “average” rutabaga

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Melissa says:

a “way above average” rutabaga

Karly says:

32 weeks – a large “mexican potato.”:)….but annie is tiny so maybe she is a small “mexican potato.”

Kelsey says:

Melissa, thanks. I was kind of insulted week 25 when the email said that our baby was merely an “average” rutabaga.

Janelle Davis says:

I just want to apologize for being a cheater! 🙂 I am a disgrace to this contest and you really don’t have to give me a copy of your book Kelsey just b/c you feel sorry for me! Haha! :)Save it for someone who wins fairly!!

Kelsey says:

Janelle, I get my copies of the book next week. You’ll be the first to get one.

Nomadic Matt says:

I always wanted to father a vegetable. it must be exciting!

Kent says:

Week 32 – Chinese Winter Melon

I mention Fraggle Rock last time because sometime between 1987-1991 McDonald’s had Fraggle Rock happymeal toys. Each Fraggle had its own vegetable car. My sister had the carrot and, I had the one with the eggplant car. OH the eighties…

Kelsey says:

Kent wrote: “My sister had the carrot and, I had the one with the eggplant car. OH the eighties…”

And you still play with it, right!?

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