Insult yourself like no one is listening

This morning I caught a glimpse of the fella dancing in the mirror when an inspirational phrase popped into my head:

Dance like no one is watching.

The thought was followed by a somewhat less fuzzy one:

No one is watching because you can’t dance…and you’re ugly.

The man in the mirror laughed.


When’s the last time you danced in the mirror? Were you any good?

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Heather Clawson says:

I dance in front of the mirror all the time, and I’m awesome!! I drop it like it’s hot!! LOL I think everyone should dance around their house to at least one song a day. It makes you feel soooooo much better!!!

Kelsey says:

Heather, I’m sure you sing like a rockstar deva in the shower, too.

Matt Barhorst says:

I seem to remember catching you dancing when you thought you were alone more than once. I bet it was just like living with Gene Kelly…before he had a stroke, of course. I can’t imagine he danced very well after the stroke. It was probably more of a bobbing and drooling. Anyway, you get the point.

Kelsey says:

Matt, you are quite the renaissance man. First most guys under 30 don’t know who Gene Kelly is. Second, even fewer would know the morbid details of his stroke.

I mention a little about my dancing habit in the book. In fact, I might mention you by name “my roommate Matt” or maybe I just referred to you as my roommate. Anyhow, you’ll be happy to know that years from now, after you’ve screwed up your kids and they’ve tried to erase all memory of you from this planet, you’ll still be forever memorialized in WAIW?

Matt Barhorst says:

I’m sincerely touched. And now I want royalties. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

Kelsey says:

Matt, I think I’m protected by the 1st amendment. However, I might be somewhat exposed by the glaring lack of constitutional protection of the freedom to dance.

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