Playing Pirate in the Dayton City Paper

My latest column is up on the Dayton City Paper’s website. It will be on for a limited time so you better read it before the link dies. Some of you may recognize it. The column is titled “Playing Pirate” and talks about the Picton Castle.

Here’s the photo that’s included with the story. I currently have it as my computer’s wallpaper.

That’s not the ocean; that’s Lake Erie. Hard to believe, huh?


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Silas Crews says:

Arrrhhh, Drop the mainsail and slap on some tar Timmerman! Nice photo by the way, matey 😉 If only the captain talked in a pirate accent.

Kelsey says:

Silas, glad you like the photo. I’m guessing you have one just like it (but better) since you were standing right next to me. Checked your website and that’s a pretty nice bio photo you’ve got there. You look a bit piratey with the fancy facial hair and all.

Silas Crews says:

It’s might be the best photo anyone has ever taken of me 😉

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