Help a blogger out, would ya?

Annie, my wife who has left one comment in the history of the blog, recently informed me that the blog posts of late have been boring. I know, I know, how dare she directly insult my bloggerhood like that? But she’s pregnant and she’s tough, and, more often than I care to admit, she’s right.

So, this is me asking you for help.

If you have any questions or topics (garments, writing, publishing, rock skipping, etc) that you would like me to write on, ideas of how we can spice things up around here, and/or even silly quests that you would like to send me on, leave ‘em in this comment thread or email me at and I’ll try to address them in the near future.

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Mervin says:

More photos of your cat please. She’s adorable.

Hortense Sutton says:

More posts about Hummels. Very few people blog about them.

Lynne says:

Start telling stories about your dog. (Just don’t tell the stories that “you-know-who” doesn’t know about.)

Kelsey says:

Lynne (Mom): Two words that would get you in heaps of trouble right now – Pool. Cover.

Matt Barhorst says:

Apparently I need to post more. More posts about hermaphrodites and phallic symbolism on the way.

You’re welcome Annie.

Kelsey says:

Matt, do you want “hermaphrodites and phallic symbolism” addressed together or separately?

Matt Barhorst says:

I’m thinking separately. Hermaphrodites are confused enough as it is. Kelsey, with the proceeds from your book, I have an investment opportunity for you…a line of sex toys aimed at the hermaphrodite population. I’ll send you a prototype.

Kelsey says:

Matt, I never knew you were a Herme.

As someone whose genes have been passed down, but the question of whether or not this has happened successfully has yet to be determined, I probably should refrain commenting on all genetic disorders at this time.

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