You pick the author's pic

Annie and I had a little photo shoot in our backyard today. I’m sure it’ll give the neighbors something to talk about. Anyhow, I need to supply my publisher with an author’s pic and I’m reaching out for a little help.

Vote and let me know which shot we should use for the book – or if you think I look like Quasimodo with my crooked smile in all of them, tell me that too.

Here are our four picks:


Author photo 1


Author photo 2


Author photo 3


Author photo 4

jens says:

I’d say number two. Nice smile!

Rachael says:

Never mind the face, number one has the least distracting background!!!!!!!!!

Mike Pugh says:

You seem most present in #1.

Kyle Timmerman says:

Number 4.

Melissa says:

I’m with Kyle–#4 is nice. Just the right amount of smile.

Jenn says:

I vote 2 or 4. Nice job, Annie!

Ruma says:

I vote #1!!!! You are so dreamy!!!

Lynne says:

I vote for #1 or #4…the clematis looks really nice in both of these shots.

Gwen says:

I vote #1 good team work guys!

Katie says:

I vote for #1 or #4. Annie should be a professional photographer!

Kyle Timmerman says:

Yes, l vote for the clematis, too. And you are SOOO dreamy!

shelley says:

Hi Kelsey – I like #4! good luck, shelley

Lisa T says:

Number 4. “Natural” expression, and great background!

Kelsey says:

Number 4 seems to have won. I’ve pasted it in the the “Author’s Bio” section. Let’s see if we get sick of it.

In response to various comments:

Personally, I think the clematis are dreamy. And yes, Annie is quite the photographer once she gets into it. Of course, the “getting in to it” part can be dangerous when you interrupt her Sunday couch-time.

Thanks everybody for the input.

Bisi says:

Too late for me to vote, I guess. I love number one because your eyes look honest, the background doesn’t distract, and your wedding band is prominent. Shows who you are: a simple, nice guy who is happily married.

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