In defense of OneDerWear

I never thought I would live to see the day someone came to the defense of disposable underwear. Today is that day. (And here I expected there to be peace on Earth.)

Morgan in response to my post on OneDerWear

You must take shower at night otherwise how do you get enough time to dry your washed underwear. I may start with a 10-pack disposable briefs, but I’m not occupying the same amount of space as the trip goes on. That regained space may be good for taking home a souvenir or two.
Nobody is tossing the underwear in the woods. The disposable is made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a biodegradable and renewable material. How is that not environmentally friendly? It is at least no worse than the detergent you flushed down the drain that pollute the water.

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. Do ya work for OneDerWear?

In your comment you don’t say anything about how comfortable OneDerWear is. If you are in the underwear business, you should know that comfort is key. No one gives a hoot about the environment compared to comfort. Even so, your argument for the environmental-friendliness of OneDerWear seems a bit of a stretch.

The production and shipping of a single pair of disposable underwear probably does not use any less energy or resources than the production and shipping of a single pair of non-disposable underwear. Yet non-disposable underwear may be worn for years and the energy/resources consumed per wear are far less.

You talk as if it would be impossible to have a clean, dry pair of underwear waiting for you post-shower. That’s why I travel with three pair – one pair being washed, one drying, and one clean.

What I’m saying, Morgan, is that your arguments are weak and your underwear are uncomfortable. And if I ever see someone wearing OneDerWear, there is a good chance that – in the name of Mother Earth and not being lazy – that someone is going to get an atomic wedgie.

Morgan Chiu says:

No I am not in any way connected to OneDerWear.

I have used/worn disposable cotton briefs for years, especially when I travel. They are quite comfortable. They are also very popular in Asia and Europe. I always bring back many packs with me when I return from overseas.

So you never tried a pair of disposable underwear yet show such an intense amount of prejudice and arrogance? Interesting.

According to you, disposable underwear has no merit and offers nothing to their users around the world, besides feeding their lazy habits. Zip. None. A little bit too extreme, don’t you think? On the contrary, I’m trying to offer just one of two logical reasons why they may be useful. It looks like you refuse to even entertain the possibility they offer some convenience. I (and probably many others) don’t wear them everyday.

Btw, why must convenience equate laziness? I think it is a unfair generalization. You still need to bring three pairs of briefs with you [gasp]?! There’s probably a few resourceful backpackers out there who can travel several days with just one pair of briefs. See? You are not better than everyone else.

Kelsey says:


Is there anything more enjoyable than an intellectual discussion about disposable underwear?

I’ll tell you what, I’ll order a pack of OneDerWear, just so I can rant about them with more authority. Because if there is anything I want to combat, it’s my own prejudice and arrogance regarding disposable underwear.

Kyle Timmerman says:

I don’t even know what to say. . . .

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