It’s my birthday…how about a gift?

I’m beginning to learn that there is more work to writing a book than the actual writing. There’s the propositioning of other authors for blurbs to be included on the book, there’s the marketing considerations, and there’s the cover.

My publisher will primarily be taking care of the cover, but they asked me if I had any ideas, which was nice of them. I sent them a few pics of the workers and their homes and then they told me that we can’t use people on the cover. Then I directed them to the ultimate WAIW? slideshow to see if anything struck their fancy. So, I wasn’t much help. Here I’ve been thinking about all of the words that go in the book and not what goes on the book.

Today, I’m 29 and since I know that you want to recognize my last birthday before I’m 30, here’s something you can do for me…

Share any ideas about what images or concepts you think would be great for the cover of WAIW?

Or, if that isn’t quenching your desire to give me stuff, you can always send me money. Please round to the nearest $100.

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Kyle Timmerman says:

Happy birthday, little bro’! It was roughly 29 years ago today that I checked your ticker with a Fisher Price stethoscope. Also, you realize that your Super-hero blogging/writing abilities are probably due to all of the secret potions that you sampled for me. Though the main ingredients were Hai Karate cologne, rubbing alcohol, and food coloring (patent# 8562-43942-55675), I’m sure that they made all the difference.

Kelsey says:

FYI: If you get Hai Karate in certain places it burns really bad.

Brice says:

How about something that looks like a map of the world that has been wrapped around the book as a dust cover. Cities/points of interest could be marked with pictures/drawings of articles of clothing (i.e. a pair of you stinky drawers for Champaign, IL).

Eva says:

What about the “Jingle These” boxers?

I was going to suggest a big white T-shirt, and then realized I got the idea from the “travels with t-shirt” book which has been sitting on my table in front of me for several days now.

Got any sweet pics of clothes hanging out to dry or bales and bales of fabric or something evocative of the workers and the industry, without actually showing any of the people?

What about hands, are you allowed human hands? A picture of a worker’s hands holding a t-shirt?

Sorry, I’m just brainstorming as I go… I’ll stop.

Happy Birthday!

Rachael says:

I haven’t got a hundred dollars and Eva already stole my ideas! Happy Birthday. It’s the thought that counts – heehee

Kelsey says:

Brice and Eva, Thanks. Both are good ideas and I’ll be sure to pass them on to my publisher as if they were my own.

Rachael, thanks. If you come up with any others in the future let me know.

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