Honoring me or a coincidence?

Today, is the Chinese New Year, but since today was yesterday in China that means 1.3 billion Chinese were bringing in the New Year on my birthday. So, I ask, does the New Year just happen to fall on my birthday or is the world’s most populous nation honoring my recent visit?

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Kyle Timmerman says:

Kels, I asked an online Magic Eight Ball if the Chinese people are honoring your recent visit? The response: “My sources say no.” Sorry, buddy.

Kelsey says:

I asked a fortune cookie if you were a goober and it said… … … (something witty, I’m all out of wit juice)

Kent says:

I think their still celebrating Denzel’s visit.

Kelsey says:

Kent, that must be it. As they say…Denzel is big in China.

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