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Cat's and their Writers

The cat, Oreo, that let’s me occupy her house has now decided the chair – which was the only thing in the entire home which was solely mine – is pretty cozy. We’re sharing for now. But I foresee a future where I will write on the floor and she will supervise from above.

Oreo already dictates when I can and cannot work. Although, she did send me a Valentine this year, which makes her less of an evil dictator. It read:

(Outside) Today I though about clawing you to pieces and feasting on the remains. But I didn’t.

(Inside) If that’s not love, what is?

I’ve made a static page here that will feature cat’s and their writers. Whether you are a writer or not, if you’re owned by a cat in your office send a photo and I’ll add it.

Kelsey says:

moonrat, In the photo she’s allowing me more space than normal. Most of the time she lays against the back of the chair and pushes my butt with her feet. When the claws come out I give some ground.

(moonrat, sorry if your comment below is not as you wrote it. I was trying to delete some SPAM and deleted it. I’ve reposted it as I remember.)

moonrat says:

i THINK it’s pretty obvious in the picture who owns the office.

Rachael says:

officially identifying myself as a non-cat person

it’s the only thing I don’t get about you Kelsey!

Kelsey says:

But she’s so precious….

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