Three reasons why I think cyclones suck

Masum and family

Masum and his family live in Jhalakati, which is specifically mentioned in this story about the devastating cyclone that hit Bangladesh.

I met Masum on a paddleboat from Dhaka to Khulna. He had been in Dhaka for an eye surgery. This is why he is wearing those glasses. He is not a Bangladeshi Elvis impersonator, just in case you were wondering.

Later, I tracked him down in Jhalakti. He let me stay in his hotel for free. I ate meals at his home and listened to his wife and daughter sing a duet.

I suppose my feeling helpless to do anything for them is a selfish way to feel. The only way I imagine I can help is to pull out a credit card and hope that what little I contribute can make a small difference to a big problem.

Here’s where I’m donating.

I hope Masum and his family are in their home tonight, high and dry, singing another duet.

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