Uncle Kelsey

The other day my nephew Jared wanted to play with the mic I use to do interviews. So, I decided to interview him. Ahh…the things 3 year-olds will say. Actually, he’s this many now (holds up four fingers) because he just had a birthday.

I thought it would be fun to share my buddy Jared’s thoughts in a little reoccurring feature called “Uncle Kelsey.”

In this first episode, I teach him the basics.

(Note: You may not recognize Jared without his body cast)

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Emily says:

What a well-spoken 4 year old! Can’t wait to see more of Uncle Kelsey and Jared!!!!!

Kelsey says:

I think he must get his well-spokeness from his father.

Emily says:

Sad-but true, you are probably right on that one!

Lynne says:

Please, make the “Uncle Kelsey” a weekly segment. Jared is so prolific; he will soon have a fan base of his own.

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