OneDerWear disposable underwear

OneDerWearSome people just don’t have any sentimental attachment to their underwear. These are the sort of people that would actually wear OneDerWear disposable underwear.

Google ads are often ridiculous. If I could choose, I would disable them, but the BootsnAll gang has gotta make some money some how and I’m cool with that. Anyhow, I was checking the site yesterday and glanced at the auto-generated ads. That’s where I first heard about OneDerWear.

Here’s some marketing mumbo jumbo:

OneDerWear is an ultra-light disposable underwear created for traveling. Designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience, OneDerWear disposable underwear is 100% cotton and ideally packaged for maximum space efficiency. Each package contains five compact pairs of individually wrapped disposable underwear that can fit in the palm of your hand. With OneDerWear, you simply wear and toss! By the end of your trip, you’ll be surprised to find plenty of luggage space for gifts and souvenirs.

I have considered the space efficiency of my underwear while packing for a long trip, but only in the quantity I take. I’ve never thought to myself, “Boy, if only there was underwear that would fit in the palm of my hand.” Let’s say I was going on a trip for 10 days. Normally, I would take three or four pair of underwear and wash them as I go. But if you decided OneDerWear was for you, you’d have to take ten pairs or more. It wouldn’t be until day six or seven that you were carrying as little underwear as me.

How comfortable can OneDerWear be? Sure they fit in the palm of your hand, but do they ride up your crack?

From the site’s “USAGE” section:

After an extensive workout at the gym, do you really want to put on your sweaty underwear after showering? Just throw some OneDerWear in your gym bag, and you will never have to wear sweaty underwear again!

Or you could actually take a pair of clean underwear in that gym bag you’re carrying around!

Camping/Adventure Traveling

OneDerWear disposable undergarment products are perfect for camping because you don’t have to use limited backpack space with re-packing dirty underwear (peeeewww!). With OneDerWear, you can just Wear and Toss! Also, OneDerWear is friendly to the environment.

How in the world is wearing a pair of underwear once and then tossing them into the woods environmentally friendly? The saying goes, “Take only pictures, leave only footprints,” not, “…leave only footprints and OneDerWear.”

Also, who is the marketing genius that wrote, “…re-packing dirty underwear (peeeewww!)”?

Government Use
OneDerWear is also great for troops whose military stay requires them to reside in areas where access to washing facilities may be inconvenient or impossible. With OneDerWear there is no need to wash! Just Wear and Toss!

“Sir, we’re under attack!”

“How did they ever find us, private?”

“Sir, I think they may have followed our trail of OneDerWear.”

“Aggghhhhh! OneDerWEARRRRR!….I’m hit private.”

“Sir, you’ll be fine.”

“I’m dying. Tell my wife I love her. If you look in my duffel, you’ll find a few souvenirs I picked up for her. Please, give them to her. I had a little extra space thanks to OneDerWear. And they seemed like such a good idea at the…..”

College Students

With the busy schedule of college students, who has time to wash clothes. OneDerWear disposable undergarment products are great for college students and their busy lifestyles.

I’ve never had more free-time than when I was in college.

I OneDerWear they came up with such a dumb idea?

Rachael says:

one “der” came up with that one (do you use that word?)
you won’t catch us using that stuff – we’re even taking cloth diapers travelling with us – shock gasp, how enviro-friendly! What’s more, we’ll wash them so they don’t stink.

Melissa says:

I am actually more grossed out (peeeewww!) by the thought of wearing OneDerWear without washing it first than by tossing my sweaty underwear in my gym bag.

Kelsey says:

Rachel, Like I don’t use that word everyday, der, of course I do.

Melissa, How starchy are these puppies coming out of the package? I agree with you. These things such hygienically and environmentally.

Morgan Chiu says:

You must take shower at night otherwise how do you get enough time to dry your washed underwear. I may start with a 10-pack disposable briefs, but I’m not occupying the same amount of space as the trip goes on. That regained space may be good for taking home a souvenir or two.

Nobody is tossing the underwear in the woods. The disposable is made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a biodegradable and renewable material. How is that not environmentally friendly? It is at least no worse than the detergent you flushed down the drain that pollute the water.

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