A check is nice, but…

…comments like this are nicer:

Oh yes, I do tune in during “worktime”, it’s just I don’t get paid for changing diapers, cooking meals, hanging up washing blah-de-blah. At least not in money. In fact tuning into WAIW *is* work for me = on more than one occasion I’ve gathered the kids (that’s the work bit) round and we’ve had a look at what you’ve said, and on good days had a chat about it as well. So much more interesting than teaching them from textbooks;-) Thanks.

The first piece of writing I received a check for was THIS. I got paid twenty dollars. It was the best twenty dollar check ever. Over the past three years my paydays have grown in size and frequency, thankfully.

I started out writing for free for the, now defunct, Key West City Paper. Then, paydays were only comments like the one above from Rachael, a kiwi blessed with a boatload (maybe two) of children who took the time from cooking, diapers, and general child-rearing. Now, it’s comments like Rachael’s that provide the warm fuzzy feeling that came along with that first twenty dollar check.

Today, let’s take the time to send a letter, email, or comment to a writer we appreciate. Whether it’s a columnist at a local paper or a blogger, I guarantee you that a few nice words will go a long, long way. This is not a shameless plea for you to reach out to me. Rachael has done that, and I’m good for awhile.

So, with that I’m off to Rachael’s blog, Intricate Simplicity.

Gary says:

Great site! I just put up a link on my travel blog.

Rachael says:

Thanks Kelsey. Lots of karma points for you (not that I believe in it, but hey). Can’t go wrong spreading a little lurve around.

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