Contest: Create Your Own NGO!


In honor of Cambodia’s countless Non-Governmental Organizations, which seem to do some pretty darned good things and employee boat-loads of Cambodians, I’m announcing a new contest…

Create Your Own NGO!

(Am I the only that hears/reads “NGO” and starts singing Clap! Clap! “N-G-O” Clap! Clap! “N-G-O…And BINGO was his name-oh!”?)

Fight poverty, fight injustice, or fight your pet peeves, you just gotta fight for something. In the comments of this post, tell me a little about your NGO: what it does, who it does it for or to, where it will be based, why it is needed, why it only employees retired circus clowns, etc.

For an idea of what I’m looking for, refer to my recent post where I layout the details for my imaginary NGO, Kick ‘Em Where It Counts, that combats foreign perves in Cambodia.

The winner(s) will win a shirt from their own imaginary NGO. I will design the shirt, buy it from my online store, and have it shipped to you.

The deadline will be somewhere around the end of May or June.

Now get out there and save the world!

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Kyle says:

Organization for Super Hero Identity Theft. What’s the first thing to go through a superhero’s head when his secret identitiy has been compromised? That’s right, O.S.H.I.T. It is O.S.H.I.T.’s mission to quickly relocate unmasked crime fighters, and to assign them new aliases in the event that their true identities are discovered by any of a variety of ne’er-do-wells.

Kelsey says:

They’ve fought for truth, justice, and the American Way and it’s about time someone did something for them. You are that someone, Kyle. An inspiration to us all.

I am healping the poor persones and creating a job for poor people

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