The "Show me your underwear" Winners are…

The winnners:



Paul has won a t-shirt I received while walking in Bibi Russell’s parade during the Bangla New Year. It’s small, almost muscle-shirt tight. Grand PrizeI thought it was pretty cool having a t-shirt with Bangla on it. And Then I wore it one day and a friend asked me where I got the shirt advertising toilet paper. Hence, congratulations Paul. You deserve it.

Paul, email me your address and I’ll send you the shirt in the near future. Note: It’s currently in Cambodia with me, so it could be a month or two before you get it.


ReidWho single-handedly brought sexy back and then sexy vomitted all over the place, and is quoted as saying, “I’m Sexy and I’m back. But when I saw that dude in those panties, I just couldn’t take it. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at zebra the same.” Your a good sport Reid. Sorry that Annie drug you into all of this. Win This ShirtHopefully winning this shirt will begin the healing.

Reid, I’ll have Annie bring you the shirt.

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Paul McCoen of the clan McCoen says:

This is great! thanks Kelsey. Respeck to Ried for bringin sexy back. Big up yaself.

PS where can I get me some black and white panties like that? Are they furry? they look furry…. I like furry I do… whoo hoooo

Kelsey says:

Respeck? Big up yaself? Are you an Irish gangsta?

Paul I don’t know if they are furry, but you asking if they are has left me with this horrible image of you petting Reid’s zebra. Excuse me while I go spoon out my eye balls.

Kalli says:

Very funny. Hilarious!!!!! I find it wierd
i think wierd is funny!!!!!!!!!! BYE

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