Where is Bernie Wearing?

Where is Bernie wearing?

Bernie’s coat is from Burton, a snowboard apparel company in Vermont. Of course, it wasn’t made in Vermont. As someone who has traveled around the world to ask where my clothing came from, I took a few minutes to look at Bernie’s jacket. Some thoughts:

1) It’s sold out because Bernie is a fashion icon.

2) The Burton site simply states that the coat was Imported. Sometimes that’s because an item is made in several countries. Nothing necessarily nefarious, but I like to see companies acknowledge where their products actually come from.

3) The Burton CEO visited 5 of the factories from which they source in 2017. That’s good to see.

4) The company has the addresses of the factories from which they source on its site.

5) The company belongs to the Fair Labor Association, which audits factories.

6) The company is a Certified B Corporation, which means it’s legally required to consider its impact on workers, customers, suppliers, and the environment.


Overall seems like a decent company. I’d like to see exact sourcing locations of each product, some Fair Trade items, and more recent updates on factory visits or audits.   


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