Why you shouldn’t delete your friends who like Donald Trump

Donald Trump is an idiot, but your friends who “Like” him on Facebook aren’t. At least not all of them . . . probably. At least all of mine aren’t.

It’s easy to find out which of your friends “Like” Trump on Facebook, just type in “Friends who like Donald J. Trump” in the search field at the top.

I have 28 Facebook friends who “Like” Trump. There are some really good folks who I think a lot of.  I mean, maybe, they just “Like” his page to keep tabs on him. A “Like” isn’t necessarily an endorsement of all his policies. I’ll listen to Rush Limbaugh from time to time just to see what he’s saying, and I think he’s bad for our country, and is creating a legion of angry, aging, white men.

Even so, that’s not my main point. This is:

I strongly dislike Rush Limbaugh, but I love people who like Rush Limbaugh. 

I strongly dislike Donald Trump, but I love people who like Donald Trump. 

Drawing lines of who or who isn’t on our Team Politic just further divides our country. How are we supposed to understand and learn across difference unless we interact with those who are different?

Excluding those with different views, belittling them, not listening to them, shouting them down, unfriending them, well, that’s something that Donald J. Trump would do.

I think you’re better than that.



Dave says:

No, I’m not better than that. Good riddance to the dead wood on my friends list!

“You are known by the company you keep.” I believe that’s a very Christian philosophy. I am not a racist, misogynist, bigot, anti-Semite so I make sure not to associate myself with those who are.

Let your voice be heard!