Review WHERE AM I EATING and get goodies!

Would you help share the stories of the farmers and fishermen who catch pick and grow our food? What if there was bacon and chocolate on the line? That’s right…BACON, chocolate, and some other goodies.

The paperback of WHERE AM I EATING? is coming out in about one month. I’m pumped for the stories of the farmers I met on my global farming adventure to spread even more. About 80% of the folks who read my first book, read the paperback. So a big push on the the paperback is really important.

If you’ve read EATING, now would be a great time to share what you thought of it by writing a short review on Amazon, Goodreads, or any other review site  or blog of your choice. If you do so, send me the link to your review or simply tell me you wrote one, and I’ll email you some new materials we are including in the paperback (new introduction and Guide to Going Glocal).

I’ll also enter you in a drawing to win a gift basket hand-selected for you by me and made up of my favorite things from my local, organic, Fair Trade grocery — the Downtown Farm Stand in Muncie. It’ll be stacked with coffee, chocolate, tea and if you’re not a vegetarian, I might even throw in a little of my favorite bacon!

Here’s where to review EATING on Amazon and here’s where to review EATING on Goodreads.

It doesn’t need to be a five star, raving review. It doesn’t need to be an epic review. Just  make it a few honest sentences about what you liked and/or learned from the book, or even what you didn’t like.

And if you haven’t read the book, please do.  These folks let me into their lives to share their stories, and I’m honored each and every time I get to do that.

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