Places I’ll be telling stories: Iowa, Minnesota, Florida, Indiana, South Carolina, California, Illinois, Texas and beyond

(I love this photo by Gail Werner of Gail Werner photography because it looks like I’m about to tell someone to F@#K off! For the record: I wasn’t.)

Have we met? Here’s my speaking schedule (as of 8/13). If I’m at a city near you, let’s grab a coffee or beer or come hear me speak. I’ll bring the novelty underwear and the banana. Wait? That doesn’t sound good. I mean that in the least sexual way as possible.

Seriously though, during these events I’m telling all sorts of stories, which I love to do. But do you know what I love to do more? I love to hear stories. I like to shut up and listen. It’s probably one of the things I’m best at. So if you are in, near, or traveling through one of the places below, let me know if you want to share your stories with me.

There will definitely be more events filling in this list. I just don’t like to list them until they are super official. One might even be in another country.

9/2: Iowa State

9/9: University in Minneapolis area. Will announce if/when firms up.

9/10 & 9/11: Gustavus Adolphus (common read. Students have choice of reading EATING or WEARING. Small class. I think 600)

9/11: Fair Trade Fashion Show Mankato, MN

10/9 Wells County Library Bluffton, IN

10/21:Bakersfield College (CA)

10/25 Indiana Authors Award

This is my second year in a row as a finalist for the Emerging Author Award. (Still emerging!) This is such a fun day. In the morning there is a panel of the 5 winners and finalists. In the evening there is a very schmancy shindig. You have to have tickets. Last year I wore a suit. And I never wear a suit!

11/6 Franklin College (Indiana) – speaking event

“Where am I Wearing?”
Thursday, November 6 • 7 p.m. | Branigin Room,
Napolitan Student Center

11/19 Cal-Poly Pomona

11/21 CSU Channel Islands


1/25 – 1/30: Mini-residency at University of Illinois

2/11: University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

2/25: Texas A&M – Kingsville

3/2 – 3/4: Winthrop University


Let your voice be heard!