I know how to end child labor

The worst thing isn’t that we live in a world where child labor exists; it’s that we live in a world where a mother who loves her child just as much as your momma loves you and my momma loves me sends that child off to work for the day in the dump, in the factory, in the field, or on the street because they have to earn an income to help support their families.

It’s World Against Child Labor Day. My friends at Fair Trade USA shared this on Facebook:

Child labor won’t end by banning child labor. In fact, I think “child labor bans” distract us from doing what will end child labor: employing parents at jobs that allow them to support their families. That’s right I’m anti-anti child labor bans.

Want to end child labor? Support movements, companies, and brands that spread opportunity. This list from Fair Trade USA is a great place to start.


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