CrossFit has me asking, “Can I jump on that?”

I’ve been doing CrossFit now for about a year at The Arsenal in Muncie. One of the many skills that we work on is the box jump.

No mystery here as to what this is. There’s a box and then we jump on top of it, leaving the ground with two feet and then landing on the box with two feet.  You can spot someone who does CrossFit by their scarred shins. (see photo of my shins above four months after I missed).  At some point everyone misses the box.

Most of the time during workouts we jump on 24-inch or 30-inch boxes, but sometimes we go for max height.  I think the highest I’ve done is 36-inches. I’ve never been a good jumper, but that’s a height that I never thought I could land. 

But like any hobby or lifestyle change, you start to see the world through the filter of that hobby or change.  And now as I walk around in the normal world outside of the box, I’m constantly asking myself, “Can I jump on that?”

Can I jump on the trunk of my car?

Can I jump on that windowsill?

Can I jump on that high-top table? I wonder what that couple would think? If I did it, I would raise my arms and say Ta-Da!

I love how new skills and knowledge allow one to see the world differently.  As a former SCUBA instructor and recreational free diver, I still walk into a house, auditorium, or even through Angkor Wat and imagine the space filled with water, and me swimming through it.

I wonder if I could hold my breath and swim from the top of the cathedral to the bottom?

Through what filters are you looking at the world?





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Becki says:

I’m a quilter, and everywhere I go, I see quilt patterns or designs that could become quilt patterns. Tiles in bathrooms, wood paneling, wires crossing the sky, … everything is fair game! Some things I see are easier to translate into fabric than others. But that also means, when something is slightly off in a pattern somewhere (like a colored floor tile in the wrong spot), I notice it immediately and it bothers me every time I see it.

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