Lauren Hargraves says:

I love both! But milk chocolate for sure if that is all that you’re eating because it is a lot smoother and I would think it’s more filling (milk!).

Sara Leo says:

dark chocolate. no contest. 🙂

Stephanie says:

I already answered on FB and you brought me a bar of something delicious, but I thought I would leave my comment here for posterity:

A bar of 70% Green and Black’s organic dark chocolate, to be specific (unless they’re on your bad food list, Kelsey…I haven’t checked them out. PS. I DID go and check them out and they are Fair Trade and seemingly not evil. http://us.greenandblacks.com/about-us

Bailey says:

Hello! I am a dark chocolate fan, always!
Just finished reading Where am I Eating, what an amazing journey! Thank you for sharing your stories.

Aurora says:

I love me some dark, since I’m vegan and it’s easier to find vegan dark chocolate than it is to find vegan milk chocolate.

Marcella says:

Dark chocolate, for sure! The darker the better. 🙂

Julie says:

Dark Chocolate! Although, chocolate is chocolate.

Wanda Young says:

Dark Chocolate! So nutritious that I don’t feel guilty eating it!

Dawn says:

Dark chocolate!!

Sam says:

Dark Chocolate! The bitterness satisfies my sweet tooth quicker.

Mel S. says:

Dark – like Tcho, Alter Eco, Theo, Divine, Equal Exchange, Madecasse, Taza 80%+ cacao

Jil W. says:

Hey 🙂 I’m from Germany and saw this blog as I searched for some information about ‘the jeans’.
A few days ago we had a presentation at school about chocolate.
I love milk chocolate but we learned that dark chocolate ist better for the environment etc…. We had a discussion about not buying chocolate too but we came to the end that not buying chocolate isn’t good for the poor workers there. They need the money and now I think chocolate is a sad theme :'(

Kelsey says:

Jill, Don’t lose hope. Think about the good the cocoa industry could do if it operated fairly.

AlaraPuckett says:

Thank you for your time today.

josefgibbons says:

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