Earth Day Happy Happy Joy Joy Time

I can’t believe tomorrow is almost here.

Earth Day 2013 marks the perfect day to start spreading the stories of the people I met on the global food adventure that became Where Am I Eating?  These stories need told, and I’m honored to do it.   I just hope I can do them justice.

Farmers let me into their lives to share their stories, and now it’s time to do that. I’ll be calling into radio programs all morning. Here’s my schedule.

From 3-6 PM I’ll be hanging at my book release / Earth Day open house party at the Downtown Farm Stand in Muncie. I write about the Downtown Farm Stand in the book, so, again, it’s the perfect place to celebrate. We’ll be giving away trees and you can buy cheap beer, wine, and books.

At 7 PM I’ll be enhancing some integrity (or degrading it with my underwear stories) as I speak with students attending the Committee for Integrity’s awards program in Muncie.

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