Rubio’s Drink Heard Around the World

The last five years I’ve been making a real effort to become more civically engaged. As I’ve said before, once you become a parent you have less time to change the world, but more of a reason. So last night, after Annie and I watched Grey’s Anatomy on our DVR, I switched over to catch the middle of Senator Rubio’s rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union. (Don’t worry I DVRed the SOTU and will watch it later or just read it. All the politics without the applause and awkward facial expressions of the VP and Speaker of the House.)

That’s when I saw this.

Annie was asleep and I had to wake her up. I was rolling with laughter. I got the giggles. Annie said, “Boom goes the dynamite,” referencing my great giggle fit of 2011 while I watched the video at the end of this post.

When people speak their mouths get dry. It’s happened to me in front of a few thousand people before, and it will happen again. Those moments when so many eyes are staring at you make each gulp of water seem like an eternity. I can only imagine what Senator Rubio felt like with millions watching. Did he think about all of those who had come before him — Bobby Jindal channeling his inner deer-in-the-headlights and Michele Bachmann staring off into space.

If Rubio would have excused himself and stepped over to grab his water, I wouldn’t be writing this post. Instead, he seemed to think that he was the Flash and could grab the water, gulp, and face the camera again without anyone noticing. Unfortunate.

The really sad part is this is the kind of thing that can tank a political career. That’s how shallow our politics are. The dude was thirsty, so he grabbed a drink. No big deal. But the way he did it was absolutely hilarious and whether you are Democrat or Republican, Independent or Libertarian, you have to agree with that.

Boom goes the dynamite!

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