I’m alive…

IMG_6083 copy

Looking for the perfect tree with the Timmerkids.

…just writing like editors are chasing me. So,no blogging for me. I’ll be back at it soon because I’m almost done with WHERE AM I EATING?

I’ll leave you with a question: Did you ask for a socially-conscious gift for Christmas or are you giving one? If so, what?

Becki says:

Love the photo.

In years past, my family drew names and then made charitable donations in the name of the person they got. We stopped drawing names a few years ago when the crash happened and my brother lost his job, and just never started that up again. But that was my favorite period of gift giving. Now I just bake goodies for family and friends, rather than purchasing a “thing” that might not be right, might be more than I can afford, or might be something they already have. No one can have too many cookies! 🙂

Chrissy says:

Found some great things at a Thrift shop or things friends were wanting to sell.

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