Time is the most important gift

It’s giving Tuesday! You know ever day after Thanksgiving has to have a theme, don’t you?  Tomorrow is…Wednesday?! Did we run out of themes?

Anyhow, this is the day when everyone is supposed to give to their favorite cause. Really this is something that you should do throughout the year and be very intentional about, and not wait for a post-Thanksgiving theme day or a cashier asking you if you’d like to give $1 to X cause.

Do you give when the cashier asks?

I don’t. Yes, I’m the guy in front of you at PetSmart who hates orphan puppies. I like to have more of a connection with a cause than a knee jerk reaction. I put more thought into my giving decisions than I do into what kind of gum to purchase.

Here are two tools that I use to give more intentionally and efficiently:

Charity Navigator’s Holiday Giving Guide

Network for Good

Give You

But the most important gift of all is giving your time to another. Volunteer! Here’s my Glocal Volunteer Guide.

How much of an impact can a volunteer have? I recently had the pleasure of working with Phictional Stoodios to tell the story of the impact one Big Brother (the LeadershipBoard.org ‘s BJ McKay) can have on the life of another.

This Giving Tuesday, give you!

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